Abstract Attributes

This functionality provides the possibility to identify

  • contributions or
  • individuals

according to "attributes", which are defined as necessary by the administrator via the page

Scientific Program Administration / Abstract Attributes

Once created, attributes appear on the top right-hand side of the search screen and in the result of a search via the "edit" link.

Attributes in connection with Contributions

This functionality is used to keep track of an activity or a situation relating to a contribution, such as the status of replies from invited speakers. Creating attributes such as

  • Invited Oral Pending
  • Invited Oral Accepted
  • Invited Oral Declined

enables the administrator to enter the status for each contribution.

To enter an attribute in a contribution, search for the contribution via the search screen, click on the "edit" link, and check the relevant attribute before saving.

To find contributions with attributes, clicking on the attribute in the top right-hand corner of the Ssearch screen will return all contributions with that attribute.

Attributes in Connection with Profiles

This side of attributes is used to keep track of people, for example, students who have requested grants. Create attributes such as

  • Student Grant Offered
  • Student Grant Accepted
  • Student Grant Pending Reply
  • Student Grant Declined

To assign an attribute to a person, use the Find Profiles link, enter the last (family) name of the student, and when in the Person/Profile/Affiliation maintenance page for that person, scroll down to the bottom left-hand side of the page, above the activity log, to view the additional attributes. Click on "Additional Attributes" title, and then on the next screen, check off the attributes that apply to this person.

To find the persons with attributes, use the Find Profiles link, and check off the relative attribute, and then click on "search".