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The Authorized Users & Roles screen, combined with the Functional Roles screen, allows the administrator to assign privileges (access to pages in the SPMS) to individuals, or groups of individuals, with functional roles.

Functional roles are, for example, activities carried out by members of committees, editors, poster session managers, administrators, registration managers, speaker interface managers, paper reception staff, etc. These roles/activities are entered into the Functional Roles screen.

Advice to administrators: assign privileges with parsimony. Assign the privilege when a certain activity is under way and remove it immediately afterwards.

The Authorized Users & Roles screen is divided into three columns--the left and right being most closely related:

Left Column

At the top of this column it is possible to select a Functional Role, and assign a privilege to it.

For example, at the time of submitting proposals for invited oral presentations, one would select in "Functional Roles" the Role "Scientific Programme Committee" (entered in the screen Functional Roles, and visible in the left column), and assign the "privilege" "Propose Invited Orals".

Right Column

The right-hand column allows the administrator to select a functional role (for example SPC member) and enter the names of the individuals concerned via the "Search for an Account" link.

Advice to administrators: Decide the functional roles at the outset of the organization of the conference (though they can be added at any time) to set up the individuals or groups of individuals who will have responsibilities in the organization of the conference: organizing committee, scientific programme committee, scientific advisory board, editors, local organizing committee, accelerator prizes committee, etc. See below for the advantages of this effort ...

Examples of assigning privileges (by the administrator) to functional roles are the following:

The registration manager can be assigned the privileges to access the registration module. The scientific advisory board can be assigned the privileges to submit proposals for invited oral presentations. The organizing committee can be assigned the privileges to submit proposals for invited oral presentations.

Centre Column

The functional roles created in the Authorized Users & Roles screen are listed in the centre column and underlined. Clicking on the role will generate an excel spread sheet containing the profile data of all of the persons entered into the right-hand column.

Use this functionality to merge the excel spreadsheet with label layouts, or standard letters for bulk mailings.

Useful Hints

Individuals, or groups of individuals, with a functional role, whose names are entered in the right-hand column, can be contacted using the e-mail utility at

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / SPMS Roles

Once a role is created, it appears in the SPMS roles side of the email utility: Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / SPMS Roles.

This is especially useful for reaching all groups of organizers. Mails sent via the SPMS can be traced via Editor/Proceedings Administration / Email / Email History.