Checking Titles and Authors

For final publication on JACoW, the metadata in SPMS concerning the

  • titles of contributions and
  • authors

must match the titles and authors on the contributions submitted for publication in the proceedings.

About 30% of the titles and authors on submitted papers change after abstract submission and no longer match what was initially entered into SPMS. Until scripts to facilitate this job are available, and depending on how many papers are to be published, the following steps should be taken:

  • Editors (if a team is working at the conference) should check at least the title on the paper with the title in the SPMS during the QA procedure and correct if necessary. Because it is the most recent, the information on the paper is considered correct, and SPMS data are edited to match the papers.
  • If the number of papers is small, editors should check the authors during QA, and an editor should be assigned the appropriate privileges to update the authors in SPMS.
  • If the number of papers is large, the author reception staff should cross-check SPMS with the papers by hand, and certain editors should be assigned the appropriate privileges to update SPMS either during or after the conference.

This is a big job, especially for the larger conferences with several thousand co-authors. It's important to get it right since the SPMS metadata is used for the table of contents and the author index in the final proceedings and by the search engine on the JACoW site.

Once the proceedings are published on JACoW, it is extremely difficult to correct anything without having to run all of the scripts again.