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Main Classifications
Combining Main Classifications and Sub-classifications

This page explains and demonstrates how to divide a conference up into the main and sub-classifications, and how this impacts on the organisation of the scientific programme.

How to

Main and Sub-classifications have been developed to achieve a careful grouping of all contributions to a conference by field of activity. They are reviewed at the outset of the organization of each event by the SPC to ensure they are up to date. Main and Sub-classifications are used:

  • to schedule oral and poster presentations within the conference programme,
  • to follow the evolution of certain fields of activity via the statistics and reports built into the SPMS,
  • to order or group the contributions to the proceedings by topic via the scripts.

For IPAC, there are currently 8 MCs, a 9th category for the so-called Industry Session and a 10th section for all opening, closing and plenary talks which can't be grouped into one of the standard 8 MCs.

The eight SPC members from the region, with the role of Session Coordinator, are each responsible for one of the eight Main Classifications adopted for the scientific programme. Eight further members, four from each of the other two regions, act as Shadow, or Deputy Coordinators.

Conferences/workshops can choose to use only a main classification or to combine the main classifications with sub-classifications.

Main and Sub-classifications are entered into the SPMS via the screen:

Scientific Program Administration / Classifications


Main Classifications
Combine Main Classifications and Subclassifications

At least for IPAC, the standard MCs are imported in the pre-populated SPMS instance, and need to be checked and adapted by the Conference Administrator after the SPC/1 meeting, when the SPC finetunes the Main and Sub-classifications for their IPAC.

It is necessary to indicate in the SPMS whether the conference will use main classifications only, sub-classifications only, or combine main with sub-classification.

This is done in the screen: Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / User

where the set "Sub-Classification Required" must be set to "Yes" or "No".

This will decide whether contributors will or will not be required to enter both a main plus a sub-classification when creating abstracts.

Experts/Referees The main classifications screen is also used to enter the names of referees or experts and to assign privileges. Click on "Experts" to the right-hand side of each main classification.

See more on refereeing under Refereeing Module Administration. See more on experts under Scientific Program Administration / PC Activities / Experts.


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