Creating Forms & Payment Systems

Contact: Ivan Andrian (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

The SPMS is able to manage the registration of delegates with its "Registration" module.

It's mainly based on forms that the Registration Admin can create. Forms are made of items (questions) which have different types and view options.

Dedicated fees or costs can be associated to items: the SPMS, then, is able to offer on-line payments (by way of interfaces to external Credit Card Portals, or PayPal) and keep track of off-line payments (like bank transfers).

It is also possible to pipe some data to an external registration system (e.g., from a PCO) and then get some data back to 'mark' a person as registered.

Main Content

There is an how-to in the "for Organizers" section. Here are the links to the various sections.

Basic how-to procedure

  1. Introduction to the SPMS registration system
  2. Setting up the Field Groups
  3. Setting up the Fields
  4. Properties of a registration page
  5. Creating a layout of a registration page

Additional material

  1. Email notifications system
  2. Setting up an external registration system
  3. Configuring the SPMS for an Online Credit Card Payment system