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Email Utility (Repository)
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It is possible to send e-mails via the SPMS in several different ways, depending on whether one wishes to reach contributors to a conference, profile/account holders, members of groups set up under functional roles, etc., and to also view mails already sent.

The screen

Overall Database Administration / Email Utility (Repository)

is generally used to send out bulk mailings of conference announcements to individuals with profiles/accounts in the repository.

It can also be used to contact specific groups of profile owners in a selection of different affiliations, or countries, regions, or types of affiliation (university, laboratory, industry, etc.), as well as members of societies such as IEEE, APS, EPS, etc.

Two additional places to send mail:

  1. On the screen Editor/Proceedings Administration/Email, where emails can be sent to people with specific SPMS roles see details.
  2. From within the registration module email utility.

For more information on sending messages, see Sending Email with SPMS.