For JACoW Conference Organizers and Editors

JACoW team members fill a variety of roles with different responsibilities, all of which contribute to the JACoW website, the JACoW collaboration, and ultimately to the sharing of research and development in the accelerator community. This section contains information to help team members successfully meet those responsibilities.

What's in this Section and How It's Organized

This section is in the process of being reorganized to consolidate redundant information, make things easier to find, and add new items. When complete this section will comprise all the information specifically for the team that is now in the "for Organizers", "for JACoW Team", and "Tools" sections.

Working Outline

If you can't find what you're looking for or have suggestions, please contact Charlie Horak , web content manager. If you have questions/comments on a specific page or topic, contact the person listed on that page.

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