SPMS Parameters: Introduction

Contacts: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz, Todd Satogata

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Setting SPMS Parameters for Editing and QA at the Conference

Tutorial: Delivery and Initial Setting up of an SPMS Instance for Scientific Programme Management--The Basics, November 2018

This page explains what the SPMS system parameters (i.e., conference settings) are used for and their configuration. When you receive access to your SPMS instance, a multitude of properties are already set up and pre-populated, copying tried-and-tested settings of your particular conference series. Many of them can be adapted, some must be entered by the Conference Administrator.

The database administrator uses the system parameters to control the different activities related to the organization of the event. After getting an SPMS instance and installing it, you need to set the initial parameters.

The Parameters screen is found under Overall Database Administration / System Parameters.

Clicking on the System Parameters link will get you to here:

Initial Parameter Settings

When you receive access to your SPMS instance, a multitude of properties will already be set up and pre-populated with tried-and-tested settings for your particular conference series. Many of them can be adapted, and some must be entered by the Conference Administrator (see page on SPMS Privileges).

It's very important that system parameters are set correctly. In general, you will want to do the following:

  • Set up the following initial parameters as soon as your instance is set up:
    • Conference
    • Email
      • The "From" email address should not be the SPMS administrator, but should be an email alias at the SPMS host site, e.g. icalepcs19@fnal.gov (for ICALEPCS'19 with an SPMS instance at Fermilab). The domain of this address must match the domain of your SPMS instance. If this is not set to an alias, contact your host SPMS administrator to have this configured for your conference.
      • The Administrator's Email Address should be set to the email address of the person in charge of SPMS administration for your conference, e.g. your scientific secretariat or lead editor.
    • Image URLs
      • The logo GIF file is a small image that appears in the upper right of all your SPMS pages. This must be stored on an https server; please email your file to Matt Arena, and he can copy it to https://spms.fnal.gov/images/ for use in this parameter.
  • Double check the pre-populated parameters to confirm they are correct.
  • Keep in mind that you might not have some of the data you will need to enter until later in the planning process and that some of the settings will change throughout the process. Don't forget to update the parameters as needed later on.


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