JACoW Software Licenses

Basic commercial software needed for editing

Adobe Acrobat and Enfocus PitStop Pro (a plugin for Acrobat) are needed to successfully edit the PDF created for any JACoW conference proceedings, following the JACoW editing workflow.


In the past JACoW used to provide licenses for Acrobat 9, of which 50 licenses were owned. These licenses were used during conference editing by installing the JACoW Software Bundle. However, due to a change of licensing model from Acrobat, for newer versions of Acrobat any conference LOC needs to provide enough licenses for its proceedings office. These licenses are not expensive anymore because they can be rented on a monthly base - this means, only for the month in which the conference takes place. Please refer to any local Adobe dealer to purchase the needed Acrobat CC licenses.

JACoW still owns a small number of Adobe Acrobat Professional licenses for exceptional cases, like small conferences with the Editor in Chief not having any license available and in need of completing the proceedings.

If you are interested in using the old software bundle with Acrobat 9 licenses or temporarily get one license of Acrobat Pro, please contact the JACoW Software Licenses Maintainer .

Enfocus PitStop Pro

JACoW maintains a number of PitStop Pro licenses for editing at conference time. Due to some technical issues, installing and registering the product for any conference is not possible anymore. However, JACoW has an agreement with Enfocus to use the 30-day trial version at conferences.
It is a responsibility of any conference to download the trial, install and activate it following the instructions provided by Enfocus. We suggest that you create and use an Enfocus ID for this purpose. Otherwise, it is possible to ask for a generic JACoW Enfocus ID

Speaker Timer

This software provides an easy way for conference speakers to easily see how much time they have remaining during their talk. The time is displayed on a small screen at the front of the stage or area where talks are presented. Download speaker timer software