Building the Program: Location Codes

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Enter Session Chairs

Location codes are part of contribution programme codes. They identify the place where a contribution to the conference programme will take place. They are entered in the screen

  • Scientific Program Administration / Location Codes

Enter in the columns of the table:

  • Location Code - if possible one letter to identify an auditorium, hall, etc. For example, A for Auditorium A, B for Auditorium B. If the rooms or poster halls at the venue have names, use the first letter. If not, invent them ....
  • Location Description - the full name of the auditorium or room. For example Auditorium A, Auditorium B, etc.
  • Capacity - enter the number of seats for an auditorium or the number of poster panels for a poster hall.

The capacity is important essentially to enable the automatic assigning of poster panel numbers (the sequence number that follows the session code) via the screen

  • Scientific Program Administration / Assign/Move Paper IDs