Managing Abstracts

This page will demonstrate how abstract submission is managed by SPMS, including hints at timings and deadlines, settings in SPMS, when to expect people to actually submit their abstracts and how to interpret submission figures.

Call for Papers and Abstract Submission

The call for abstracts is usually about nine months before the start of larger conferences and three to six months for smaller meetings and workshops. A deadline for abstract submission approximately 5 months in advance of IPAC allows time:

  • for the SPC to check that the main and sub-classifications are correct
  • for the SPC to select contributed oral presentations,
  • for authors to be invited,
  • to prepare the various conference publications.

Authors submit their abstracts into the SPMS via their JACoW profiles/accounts, selecting immediately the Main (and if wanted Sub-) classifications from among the list proposed by the SPC. The more refined the tuning of the Main and Sub-classifications, the less work for the SPC to correct mis-classifications.

Guidelines on how to set up the SPMS for abstract submission.

Instructions for authors should be published at the conference website. Boilerplate instructions are available at Abstract Preparation and Submission Boilerplate.

Abstract Attributes

This functionality provides the possibility to identify

  • contributions or
  • individuals

according to "attributes", which are defined as necessary by the administrator via the screen

Scientific Program Administration / Abstract Attributes

Once created, attributes appear on the top right-hand side of the search screen and in the result of a search via the "edit" link.

More details on abstract attributes.

Interpreting Submission Figures

The response to the Call for Papers is a good indication of the number of delegates to expect, and the number of poster panels and space for poster sessions to be foreseen. A rule of thumb is that of all abstracts submitted in response to the call for papers, around 60% of this figure will be delegates, and around 80% of this figure will be contributions to the proceedings. For IPACí10 there were a little over 2000 entries in the SPMS (including 50 orals) at the conclusion of abstract submission. The conference finally counted 1250 participants and 1569 contributions to the proceedings. These figures are more or less constant with the exception of smaller dedicated workshops and invitation only conferences.

Administrators should expect contributors to submit on the deadline.

Once the abstracts have been submitted, the Scientific Programme Committee usually selects contributions for oral presentation.


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