SPMS Installation: Overview

Installation Overview
Standard Installation
Development Installation
Stand-Alone Installation

Use for a JACoW conference

To use SPMS in conjunction with the JACoW profiles and affiliations repository, an official request from the conference chair to the JACoW chair has to be received, whereby the JACoW terms and conditions of the SPMS usage are respected. More on permission to use SPMS.

With this approval, the conference database administrators can set up the instance, although for JACoW conferences it is preferred that instances are hosted by the regional support centres.

The software packages are downloaded from the SPMS GPL site and all of the code, apart from the upload/download scripts, is stored in the conference database. The download contains scripts to create the database structures (tables, views etc.) and all of the packages that generate the user web pages and manipulate the data.

Once the data has been installed, the system can be customized and privileges given to the various players. At this stage administrator privileges are granted to the scientific secretariat, traditionally the conference database administrator, who sets up the table of Authorized Users and Roles - the individuals who will enjoy certain "privileges" for working with particular functions in the database.

Stand-Alone Use

SPMS is available under General Public License (GPL) and can be used by anyone (e.g., for non-JACoW events) in stand-alone mode.