Poster Session Management

Poster Police App

For most JACoW conferences, papers submitted in support of poster presentations are published in the proceedings only if the poster meets the standards set by the conference. In most cases this means the poster

  • is printed and posted in the correct location,
  • is of good quality and not a reproduction of the submitted paper (or any paper), and
  • is accompanied by the author (or designee), who is available to talk with attendees during the entire session.

Most conferences have designated poster session managers, or poster police, who make sure posters meet the above publication criteria. The managers are also available to help contributors set up their posters and remove them.

Assigning Poster Session Managers in SPMS

Privileges are set via the screen

Overall Database Administration / Privileges, Roles & Users / Authorize

Poster Session Manager Tasks

Poster session managers check all posters and immediately following the sessions enter the presentation status in the screen

Editor/Proceedings Administration / Poster Police

To enter data about a particular session, click on the "Edit" link in the first column.

This opens a new screen with all of the information about that poster session, along with places to indicate whether the poster was satisfactory. There are fields for manned, posted, satisfactory, picture (e.g., was a photo taken of the poster, which is sometimes done when a poster isn't satisfactory for some reason), and comments. The default status in each column is "Yes."

Based on the data entered into the poster police screen, only contributions that have the following status in SPMS are seen by the JPSP scripts that pull all publishable files together into the JACoW publication package:

  • Final QA OK: meaning that the contribution to the proceedings successfully passed initial processing, as well as the second round of quality assurance (QA)
  • Poster Posted
  • Poster Manned
  • Poster Quality OK