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Poster Session Management & Usage of the Poster Police App

Contact: Stefano Deiuri (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

The PosterPoliceApp is a web app developed for tablet which simplifies the work of the Posters Manager in verifying posters presented during the different sessions. At the end of the session with a click, the collected data is sent to the SPMS.

How the Poster Police is handled without the app?

  1. the poster manager collects the information of the posters on the sheets
  2. then at the computer, copy these information into the SPMS, using a long form

SPMS screenshot of PosterPolice page

How the Poster Police is handled with the app?

  1. the poster manager collect the information of the posters on a tablet
  2. with a click these information are sent to the SPMS

Why a webapp?

For different reasons:

  1. no need to install any software on the tablet
  2. the app runs on any OS (Adroid, Windows, iOS)
  3. the collected data are stored on a server so more than one tablets can be used at the same time (useful for parallel sessions)
  4. it is easy to update

The interface

The interface is organized on four levels, these are indicated on the upper part of the interface.

The interface: Level 1 - days

The interface: Level 2 - sessis of the day

The interface: Level 3 - posters of the session

The interface: Level 4 - the single poster

in this view the buttons are available in order to set the status (Manned, Posted, Satisfactory, Picture) of the poster and comments, with a double click it is possible to switch from OK (blue) to NOT OK (red strikethrough)

on the bottom of the interface are available the buttons to do different tasks

  • Close: go back to the list of posters without saving the data
  • Save: save the data and go back to the list of posters
  • Save & Next: save the data and go to the next poster
  • Skip: go to the next poster without saving the data

Synchronization with the SPMS

When all the data of a session are collected a Sync button appears on the sessions list, clicking on this the synchronization starts.

A popup shows the progress of this procedure.

At the end, under the Sync button, date and time of last synchronization are shown.

If necessary, the synchronization can be repeated several times.

Data flow


  1. Download the package CWS from the page Tools/Scripts.
  2. Unzip it inside the path of web server (ex. /var/www/html/cws_ipac_xyz)
  3. Configure the global settings as shown in this page.
  4. Configure the app specific settings as shown below
  5. Execute the script spms_importer/make.php (manually or with the cron) for import the data from the SPMS
  6. Start the app in the browser (ex. http://yourwebserver/cws_ipac_xyz/app_poster_police)


The specific settings required for this app are the following:

  • pp_manager: id of the Poster Manager (available in the SPMS)
  • password: the password that protect the app

other specific settings must be updated only in special cases.