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Profiles and Affiliations Repository

Contact: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz (CERN)

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The JACoW Central Repository (located at CERN) is a shared resource. Each SPMS conference instance is delivered with a copy of the JACoW Central Repository of profiles/accounts and affiliations. The conference copies are synchronized with the Central Repository. New profiles and updates to existing profiles via each conference instance are synchronized out to all instances of the SPMS being used by other conferences.

It is the responsibility of each conference to ensure that the data relating to individuals are maintained properly since they are used by all conferences that are members of the JACoW Collaboration. Keeping the repository "clean" ensures that author indexes are correct, that affiliations are properly entered, and that reliable statistics can be extracted.

Using the Central Repository

People create their own account (login) to protect access and maintain their own profile data. They select their affiliation from an official list and can choose to receive announcements of JACoW collaboration conferences. The Central Repository is composed of two modules:

Affiliations Module

A database containing the addresses of laboratories, universities, institutes, etc., carrying out activities in the field of accelerator technology;

Profiles Module

A database containing profiles of individuals active in the accelerator community, populated with data derived from JACoW Collaboration conferences. Profile data are, for example, first and middle names, family name, e-mail address, and affiliation data derived from the affiliations module, all of a nonconfidential nature. Account owners can also enter their preferences to receive conference announcements, learned society membership, etc.

When submitting a contribution to a conference, or registering to attend, individuals enter via their profile/account, avoiding tedious and repetitive data entry for conference contributors and extensive verification for organizers.

Members of the accelerator community are invited to connect to the JACoW Central Repository to do the following:

  • Check whether a profile has been created for him or her, and if so, create an account that will enable access to the profile--do not try to change your affiliation at this stage, just complete the mandatory fields
  • Login to your account, verify information, and if necessary, correct any data already entered
  • If no profile yet exists, create a new account and associated profile

Use of Profile Data--Privacy Policy

As indicated previously, profile data (name, e-mail, affiliation) is primarily for use in connection with the submission of contributions to the scientific programme of conferences. It is also, with the permission of the owner, used to inform him or her of forthcoming conferences.

These data are, under no circumstances:

  • Used for any purpose other than in relation to the organization of a JACoW Collaboration conference
  • Provided to any external body for any commercial purposes whatsoever