Refereeing Procedure - old

Refereeing Procedure
Setup for Refereeing
Assign Referees
Referee Status Codes

The general workflow is as follows:

Contributions are processed by editors, a .pdf file is produced, and the paper status is set to green.

Referees are notified that there is a paper to referee.

Referees can access papers assigned to them via "Referee Access" when logging in. From this list they can then download or view a paper.

After the paper has been refereed, the referee adds comments to the author if there are changes to be made. Referees can also add comments in referee box (author will not see these comments).

Then the paper status code should be set.

Referees should have been entered as experts into the screen

Scientific Program Administration / Classifications / Main Classifications

Note that this screen is also used to assign privileges to Scientific Program Committee members, for example related to abstract reclassification or change of presentation type (proposals to "promote" poster presentations to contributed oral for example).

Experts are assigned to main classifications.

To enter referees, search for the account, or enter the ID directly. Check the "Referee" privilege and click on "Add New Expert".

The name of the referee/expert will appear in the table below.

Adjust the privileges under the column "Referee: Standard / Approver". Setting the privilege to "Yes" for "Standard" and clicking on "Assign Paper" brings the administrator to a screen to identify the papers to be refereed.

It is possible to prepare a message to be sent to new experts as they are identified. Click on View/Edit Email Message to enter the text, and click on the check box Send email message to generate messages.