Setup for Refereeing

Refereeing Procedure
Setup for Refereeing
Assign Referees
Referee Status Codes

There are two status codes, one for the editor and one for the referee. Parameters can be set to automatically assign papers to referees. Once the editor uploads the PDF the referee is assigned. Each classification must have at least one referee assigned to it. The system will assign the paper to the referee with the least number of papers, thereby evenly distributing them.

SPMS has the ability to dynamically control whether an author can upload a paper given the various editor and referee status codes, including a lack of status and/or assignment. This is found under

  • Editor / Referee Referee/Editor Status Code Matrix.

It is important to properly set the editor and referee status codes and their attributes. The matrix is not based on dot colour but on the attributes set for each dot color. The most important attributes are the uploadable status for editor and referee and the declined attribute on the referee status codes. They determine which row and column controls author uploads.

The Yes/No drop-down lists determine whether a user may upload files based on the status of the editor and referee status codes. Set the values of each combination then "save".