Specifications for the Registration Module

NOTE: text in gray means "already implemented".

General needs

  • Visa handling needs a review/new part
  • One main topic, universally considered of most importance, is to have a powerful SEARCH ENGINE.
  • Invoices:
    • should be renamed (receipts?)
    • possibility to print a definable subset only
  • Need to store who passed through the "on-site registration" (let's call it "check-in" instead of registration, OK?)
  • When checking-in, get a subset of the registration data and show it on screen. Possibility, by the registration team, to accept and/or modify the data from there.
  • Reimbursements: have a dedicated line for it (w/ possibility of reports, etc., for administrative people)
  • On-site registration (logistic): use a pre-booth (thinking of people flow...) - for EPAC08, could be at the sides of the foyer - with clear instructions & one assistant. Then, after having registered, they can proceed to another booth (dedicated or standard?)
  • Enhance email management.

Industrial Registration

  • We need to be able to differentiate the methods of payments (for example, bank transfer only for industrials) --> methods of relating methods of payments to registration pages/forms
  • Generation of the floor plans/booths layout automatically from the SPMS
    • Note: this has been done using external PHP scripting on the Elettra site.

Search Engine

  • Explicit logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) among fields
  • CSV export of search results
  • Search also based on registration (or reg. update) time -> versioning, or temporal DB

Hotel Handling Module (HHM)

  • About money: we only need (want) to handle hotel deposits
  • Possibly dedicated deadline
  • Automatic request for payment via email, with cancelling of reservation after a period
  • Need to handle a rooming list
  • Need to print a special voucher for the registrant (for hotel - new version of the receipt?)
    • Possibility of automatically sending a PDF version to the delegate (fired up manually by the registration team)
    • Fully visible by the registrant only after an operation by the registration team (like the email in previous point?)
  • Hotel Management:
    • Hotels
    • Hotel Rooms
    • Room types (AKA "services", like single room, double with single use, double, suite, etc.)
    • Hotel categories
    • Deposits (per room type, per hotel category)

Attention: Rooms and room types are NOT the same. For example, one hotel can have 10 double rooms that you can sell as:

  • Double Room for Single Use @ 100EUR
  • Double Room for Double Use @ 180EUR

So, you get it: the rooms are the same, but the "services" you sell are not!
Obviously, you need to count the real rooms pool for different services.

  • Need to handle the hotel notches, meaning the ability to visualize all the rooms free/occupied by persons by date (and, possibly, move people to new rooms/hotels and so)
    • Important: room assignation and registrar notification are performed in different times!!!!!

From EPAC08 LOC/5

  1. Each delegate will chose from the website a list of three hotels in descendant priority that he/she will prefer (first choice, backup, backup of the backup), expressing the room type for each.
  2. He/she will pay a deposit taken from the "Deposits" table (for EPAC08 it will be the maximum rate for one night for the hotel category of the first choice).
  3. The hotel/room allocation will be performed by the PCO according the delegate choices: an email will be sent automatically giving instructions, with a calculation for what he/she paid and still has to pay directly to the hotel.


Italic == User choices


Ivan will be requested to deposit 33 EUR (highest one-star, DSU rate - defined from the first choice)

Rooming list
DelegateHotelServiceArriving DateLeaving Date
IvanBDSU1 March 200816 May 2008

(This table is defined by the PCO)

From AM+IA+TO Meeting 071203

Hotel Notches

How to visualise: the registration manager chooses one hotel (Metropolis, in this case), for which the system displays a table like this:

Hotel Metropolis
People\Nights 22 23 24 25 26 27
Goofy X X X
Minnie X X
Donald D. X X X

Goofy arrives on 22 and leaves on 25
Minnie arrives on 24 and leaves on 26
Donald D. arrives on 24 and leaves on 27


  • Current Hotel Booking List -> Hotel Confirmation List
    • Add links (...) for payment confirmation
    • Add one "notes" field, visible/editable only to/by the registration manager
  • Idem for the delegate/industrial registration
  • Hotel Booking List (new page)
    • Arrival/departure dates + number of nights
    • Sorted by Hotel
    • With deposit
    • With CSV extract
    • Confirmed people only
  • Voucher
    • Full Hotel data
    • In/Out dates + number of nights
    • Delegate info
    • Service chosen (room type)
    • Paid deposit


  • Payments reports:
    • By date (period)
    • By payment type
    • With person details
    • For each payment type, given a certain period of time, have all the details (e.g.: 100 EUR cash, of which 30 EUR for additional social dinner ticket, 70 for the fee)
  • Associate a cost of payment for every payment type (fixed - per operation - or percentage), like PayPay, Credit Card, Bank Transfer