How To Create a Quick Run for the JACoW Media Box

Contact: Raphael Mueller, GSI

Open the action list using the gear-wheel icon on toolbar:

This will open a new window. In this new window:

  1. Click on the “fan-like” quick run icon on the top
  2. Right-click on “Local” and create a “New...” entry by clicking on it.

This will again open a new window. In this window:

  1. Rename the QuickRun to something meaningful by, for example, typing “Media Box” under “Name”.
  2. Press the small “+” and use “Add Action List” to add the “JACoW Media Box”.
  3. Switch the “Show results” to “On Error” and press Ok.

You should see a new entry “Media Box”. Right click on the newly created entry and select “Add to Favorites”:

Now you should see the QuickRun icon in the Acrobat Toolbar; it will run the JACoW Media Box without going through the Action List Dialog Window: