How To Convert an EPS/PS file to a Bitmap Image Using GIMP

You need at least GIMP 2.8 for this to work.

  1. After starting GIMP use "File" -> "Open ...". In the following dialog navigate to the EPS or PS file and select it.
  2. Press "Open"; this will show a dialog ("Import from PostScript").
  3. Change the resolution to "300".
  4. Change the text anti-aliasing to "weak".
  5. Press "Import".
  1. Open the "File" Dialog.
  2. Use "Export...".
  1. Select the file name and make sure you use a bitmap file format for saving by using the correct extension (we suggest PNG).
  2. Press the "Export" button; this will show a dialog ("Export Image as PNG").
  3. The defaults in this dialog should be fine, so you can press "Export" again.

You should now have a bitmap version of your file on the file system.