Word Editing Prerequisites

Revised and presented at JACoW 2017 Team Meeting, IHEP, Beijing, China, 28th November 2017
Presented by David Button (ANSTO) david.button@ansto.gov.au


This page describes some prerequisites you should have access to before starting editing Word papers, and what information you should be aware of to help your discovery of errors in submitted papers. IPAC as of 2017 still has Word as the largest contributor of the submissions, however LaTeX is growing still in the community, and individual conferences will have different proportions. The Chief Editor should research this in advance of formulating their editing teams.

IPAC'17 Copenhagen Submitted Paper Proportions


The content of this topic has been broken up into the following sections to be explain separately in detail.

  • Word Templates
  • Common Oversights
  • Must Fix vs Time Dependent Fix

Word Templates

The word templates are the rules and building blocks for all authors starting to author their papers which they submit for publication in the JACoW proceedings. Note as an editor be aware you are likely to receive papers from authors prepared on previous versions of JACoW templates, or be constructed from Copy & Paste sections from other documents that the author has previous produced content in.

The Template Working Group maintains the templates for both Windows, and Mac versions of Word, and in both A4 & US Letter forms. These can be located on the JACoW.org template page for Authors. Word Templates

Common Oversights

Every editor should become familiar with the most common oversights that authors make. This is generally a skill which is developed through practice rather than by instruction alone. You can expect a fresh new editor to filter out all oversights in a paper immediately and benefit by being assigned a mentor to review their initial progress and accuracy. This is normal, it is rare to have a accurate editor who has not been trained prior as part of other editing teams.

It is valuable as part of the prior conference editing team to access the editing error rate statistics. These can be found at https://[your_previous_instance]/rpt_stats.html or SPMS Menu SPMS > General > Statistics.

IPAC'17 Copenhagen Top 5 Oversights

Must Fix vs Time Dependent Fix

It is important to have all editors working to the same level of pickiness, clearly identifying what must be fixed, and those things you do not want to spend allot of editing time on.

Pickiness Level Set by Kathleen Riches (SLSA) ICALEPCS, Melbourne, Australia, 2016