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Conclusions from the Rapporteur with Overview of JACoW Developments in 2016

Contact: Garry Trahern (European Spallation Source ERIC)

This talk collects the questions and requests from the JACOW team meeting during each session and workshop from discussions arising from the various presentations. Those sessions and presentations which could contribute are listed below. Actions associated with a given talk or workshop are listed below each talk. The author thanks the session chairs for their help in collating the information for this talk.

Welcome and Introduction to JACoW TM & Running a JACoW Conference Part 1

Session Chair: Jana Thomson

Running a JACoW Conference Part 2 & Conference Management Systems Part 1

Session Chair: Garry Trahern

Conference Management Systems Part 2

Session Chair: Kip Bishofberger

Mobile Applications Working Group

Session Chair Johan Olander

The mobile app group will focus on creating a basic standard for JACoW Conferences, this includes:

  • Feature set
  • Easy way to do data export form SPMS
  • Standard to gather feedback
  • Big conference series will support B-C-A scheme
  • Data for app should not actively source from SPMS; should be directed to local servers bulk loaded periodically from SPMS
  • Support for app could become a part of JACoW mandate so that institutional knowledge is not lost from one conference to another.

Using SPMS to Perform Key Tasks Part 1

Session Chair: Maggie Montes-Loera

IT Setup Working Group

Session Chair: Ivan Andrian

Actions decided

  • Have a server virtual machines with DHCP, DNS, Dotting Board, Backup, ... (Elettra)
  • The person presenting the IT infrastructure at every TM will also maintain (consolidate, update etc.) the related documentation in the wiki
    • Raphael right now
  • together with the IT manager for every IPAC (time wise!)
    • Johan for 2017
    • IPAC IT manager actually works on it by every May
    • The IT TM Presenter is working on it every last part of year
  • Use Ninite to install most of the SW easily
  • User test cases and feedback to local IT guy
    • e.g., a PDF to apply the MediaBox crop and then print "yellow dot" - if the outcome is not as expected, there's something wrong in the setup
  • "Force" moving to newever version to the software
    • Windows 10
    • Office 2016
      • Office 365 with 30 days license only??
    • Acrobat DC
    • PitStop ??

Running a JACoW Conference Part 2 & Conference Management Systems Part 1

Session Chair: Vincent Mitts

Utilizing & Integrating SPMS Data for Websites & Operations

Session Chair: Renan Picoreti

  • Partial Refereeing at IPAC'17 Ivan Andrian
    • Refereeing will occur before the conference; two weeks prior is planned for IPAC'17, and then normal JACoW editing will start.
    • There seems to be a lot miscommunication between members regarding the procedure to be established, such as the conditions for the final publication of the reviewed papers (e.g. if posters that are not presented would still be published if they are reviewed), the time demanded to review and the number of referees for each paper.
    • Policy: Authors must be published by JACoW as posters to be eligible for journal publication, even if peer reviewing has accepted the content.
  • How to Integrate SPMS Data into Your Conference Website Kyung Sook Kim
  • Final Notes to Meeting Attendees, Voting, Collected on way to Coffee Break Ronny Billen

Wiki Working Group

Session Chair: Charlie Horak

  • Online Help Working Group
  • Notes from the meeting (also at https://www.jacow.org/WikiDev/Home):
    • Decided on overall structure and set some priorities
    • Began developing a Gant/swim lane chart to show roles, tasks, and timelines in one view
    • Began assigning/requesting content owners for specific topics
  • Next tasks:
    • Complete details on structure and continue recruiting content owners
    • Write up instructions and expectations for content owners
    • Create a cheat sheet for wiki markup
    • Check on better search options
    • Create site map

Processing Papers & Presentations

Session Chair: Akihiro Shirakawa

  • Running the Editing Office and Processing of Papers Volker Schaa
  • Task of the Chief Editor
    • Has to know his/her conference ― good estimation required
    • Number of papers, number & performance of Editors & workflow. Ratio of platforms used for source document, etc.
    • Attention should be paid to Editorís coverage of platforms, especially for small conferences
    • Has to oversee many tasks, rather than just processing papers
      • To introduce new members
      • Processing slides
      • To maintain SPMS Threshold Parameter etc.
  • Processing Transparencies & Embedding Animations David Button

IPAC Debrief, Roles, IT Requirements, Software Specifications

Session Chair: Dong Eon Kim

Suggestions based on experience

  • Registration
    • ONSITE payment option with credit card details to charge for NO-SHOW (suggested by Christine)
    • Earlier closing for wire transfer
    • Open registration desk as earlier as possible
    • SPMS; attendee search by unique ID or last name + first name
  • Careful of issuing invitation letter for visa application
  • Industrial Exhibition
    • Simple registration for industrial booth staff
    • Local agency for customs handling
    • SPMS; prevent double booking
  • Facility tour participation rate was low (about 40%?). Many participants preferred to stay in Busan instead of taking the facility tour. Another reason for this could be not allowing participants to get off the bus to visit other cities.
  • Debrief, Running of Author Reception Sue Waller
  • Debrief, Running of Speaker Preparation & Presentation Management Vincent Mitts

IPAC Debrief, etc., continued...

  • IPAC2016 IT Infrastructure Review Dong Eon Kim
  • Review Discussion Feedback from IT Setup Staff (Raphael, Volker, Ivan, Stefano, Johan)
    • Licenses for Adobe Acrobat licenses for Adobe Pro and Pitstop are the responsibility of the conference organizers
  • Software Tools and Requirements, Setup and Installation Options Raphael Mueller
    • For example, some of the required SW versions listed on the wiki are outdated (e.g., MAC OS 10.6, etc.) Software requirements wiki needs updating
  • IT Preparations for IPAC'17 Johan Olander
    • Many satellite meetings are expected, and we will be prepared for this at IPAC17.
    • Internet cafe or paper cafe usefulness was questioned, but audience expects it will be used during IPAC17. So it is advised to have one.
    • Q: Is latest environment and version of tools ok to be installed on PO systems? A: Decision belongs to local conference IT
    • Documentation for IT setup, hardware and software is extensive, and there are many reports from the previous conferences. However, the information is somewhat scattered and not organized. In this regard, the wiki format documentation looks like a good start. Compiling all the IT related documentation in a single monolithic document can be helpful for new conference IT organizers.

JACoW Template, Open Questions, & InDiCo Tutorial

Session Chair: Takashi Kosuge

  • JACoW Template & Citation Review Jan Chrin
  • Open Questions and Discussion? Todd Satogata
    • Author List Order
      • Volker notes that it is difficult to impossible to get the proceedings to look right with the author-provided order of authors in the proceedings via SPMS.
      • This was discussed at least once before (c. 2004) and decided to adopt our present approach then.
      • We will very likely not change the current practice.
    • Checking of References
      • There was a good discussion about detailed checking of references. Some editors want the missing parts of references (such as page numbers) to be looked up and checked during editing; others feel this is too much work and not an efficient use of time.
      • Todd noted that editors in chief should inform everyone in their editing room of the "pickiness level" at the start of editing, and be as consistent as possible through the production of the proceedings thereafter.
      • Jan suggested that editors mail authors 4-6 weeks before papers are due with links to information about reference styles, templates, etc. This is part of our core of user education.
      • The decision whether to check for the existence of references online (e.g. "following" links or typing them into Google Scholar to verify them) is left to the individual conference lead editors. Doing so improves the quality of the references, but takes a lot more time per paper per editor to process.
    • JACoW Template Use
      • Template use was mostly covered by Jan in the preceding talk.
      • The suggestion to have a change log for templates that is accessible to authors is supported.
      • Volker noted that conference websites should not link to their own copies of the templates, but to the template page on jacow.org so authors always get the latest templates.
  • Introduction to InDiCo Usage Tutorial Pedro Ferreira