IT Setup Working Group

Contact: Ivan Andrian (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

At this WG both experts and newcomers will meet and discuss the current status of the IT setup for JACoW conferences.

The aim is to identify possible weaknesses and envisage any improvement.

Present status

  1. Networking requirements at the conference
  2. Printers
  3. Operating System setup
  4. Software deployment
    1. JACoW Software bundle
    2. Manual installation
    3. SW Configuration
  5. Cloning
  6. Backup
  7. Virtual Machines?
  8. Status on software licenses
  9. Other thingies

Possible improvements

  1. Cloning?
  2. Virtual Machine on top of hypervisor on every computer?
    1. Acrobat DC already installed and configured - just to insert new license?
    2. PitStop already installed and configured - just to insert new license?
    3. MS Office?? Unregistered?
    4. Performances?
    5. Which ipervisor?
  3. Documentation?
  4. Annual analyses and improvements (systematical)?


Notes and outcome from the discussion


Acrobat DC issues

Acrobat settings still needed to be done manually (AFAIK) Acrobat Enterprise deployment tool

Office 2010 64bit issues

Don't work! Either 32bits or newer version!

HB2016 used Virtual machines

  • Fusion
  • Virtualbox should be better


  • VDI virtual Machines? Could be
  • Have a server virtual machines with DHCP, DNS, Dotting Board, Backup, ...
  • Have a Desktop virtual machine for the Proceedings Editing computers
  • 4 virtual machines for the desktop
    • Proceedings Office computer
    • Paper Café or Administration computer without Acrobat and PitStop
    • Speaker preparation office Several versions of Office... Adobe Acrobat also! Codecs, video players, etc. Anything to be able to play fancy presentations or videos FileMaker pro used to keep track of 'advancement' of presentations (files received, presented, etc.)
    • Very hard to manage because of the sw licenses
  • Why don't have the editors bring in their own computers?
  • Maintaining the documentation is vital
  • PitStop 13 doesn't work with Acrobat 9.5 anymore
    • New PitStop activation with Enfocus ID (even for older versions!) - to be investigated
      • Refer to Volker's talk this TM

Actions decided

  • Have a server virtual machines with DHCP, DNS, Dotting Board, Backup, ... (Elettra)
  • The person presenting the IT infrastructure at every TM will also maintain (consolidate, update etc.) the related documentation in the wiki
    • Raphael right now
  • together with the IT manager for every IPAC (time wise!)
    • Johan for 2017
    • IPAC IT manager actually works on it by every May
    • The IT TM Presenter is working on it every last part of year
  • Use Ninite to install most of the SW easily
  • User test cases and feedback to local IT guy
    • e.g., a PDF to apply the MediaBox crop and then print "yellow dot" - if the outcome is not as expected, there's something wrong in the setup
  • "Force" moving to newever version to the software
    • Windows 10
    • Office 2016
      • Office 365 with 30 days license only??
    • Acrobat DC
    • PitStop ??