JACoW Voting Introduction (Voting Scrutineer + JACoW Chair + Candidates)

Contact: Ronny Billen (European Organization for Nuclear Research Beams Department (BE))

The appointed Election Coordinator explains the procedure for the Elections to the JACoW Board of Directors, to be held at the 2016 JACoW Team Meeting

The JACoW Team & Board of Directors

  • The JACoW Team is composed of JACoW editors and other experts, as defined in the JACoW Collaboration
  • A Board of Directors is elected from among the Team
  • The Board of Directors is composed of a Chair, a Deputy Chair, a Coordinator and two further Directors
  • The Board of Directors is the managing body that monitors operation of the collaboration and is the deciding authority concerning operations and development/changes to the collaboration and its activities
  • The BoD establishes the policies and work programme for the collaboration and monitors progress and verifies that actions have been carried out
  • Members of the BoD are elected for fixed terms defined in the Charter (currently three years)

2016 Elections for the JACoW Board of Directors

  • The current Chair, Deputy Chair and Coordinator remain for another year of their 3-year mandate
  • Two positions of Directors are up for election
  • The request for nominees went out to the complete JACoW Team
  • Nominees have been asked if they are willing to serve and have the support of their lab
  • The candidates on the voting ballot are nominees that have not declined their nomination
  • The voting will take place on Tuesday 9 November 2016 at 16:00 by means of a secret ballot
  • Voting ballots will be distributed to the Team Members present at this Team Meeting and collected