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Parallel and Working Group Session Organization

This year, the following parallel sessions are organised for small groups to interact around:

  • Working Group 1: Mobile App for Conferences (Johan Olander)
  • Working Group 2: IT (Ivan Andrian)
  • Working Group 3: Onlind Documentation and Help (Charlie Horak)
  • Working Group 4: Pre-arranged One-on-ones meetings
  • Tutorial 0 : Plenary InDiCo (Pedro Ferreia)
  • Tutorial 1a: Editing Papers (Raphael Müller)
  • Tutorial 1b: Processing Slides (David Button)
  • Tutorial 2 : LaTeX Boot Camp (Jan Chrin)
  • Tutorial 3a: Poster Session Management & Poster Police App (Stefano Deiuri)
  • Tutorial 3b: One-on-ones follow-up meetings
  • Tutorial 4 : Scripting and how to run them (Volker)