Partial Refereeing at IPAC'17

Contact: Ivan Andrian (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)

IPAC'17 is testing the possibility to have a subset of papers refereed and then published in a Journal.


To increase the impact factor of (some) papers presented at our conferences.

  • Requested more and more by authors and institutes
  • Can increase the (recognized) value of the papers


  • Requested by APS-AG
    • Detailed outcome of a dedicated working group
    • Idea presented at the 2016 Stakeholders' meeting
  • SPMS development needed


  • 200 papers will be refereed by a group of referees from APS-AG
  • authors can express the will to be part of this process
    • first-come first-served
  • abstracts will be evaluated and accepted for this process
    • backup to 'normal' JACoW papers
  • paper submission deadline two weeks ahead of normal deadline
  • papers will be refereed first
  • editing starts only after this process


  • all accepted papers published at
  • 200-papers subset published also at Institute of Physics Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • other subset will be published at PRAB as usual (extended version)

And then...

  • this first test will be evaluated after the publication
  • could be adopted by next IPACs
  • and even by other JACoW conferences