What Is JACoW and What Does It Offer Your Conference?

Contact: Todd Satogata (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)

The JACoW collaboration is a collaboration which has wide community of collaborators from around the world. Being born out of the arrival of electronic publication in the mid-nineties, JACoW has had a team of innovators who have co-operated delivering systems and tools for the organisation, operation, and long term achieving of conference proceedings for the accelerator and complementary communities. This talk will give a look at the history at the genesis of JACoW to modern day, vision into the future, and discuss the obligations and policies, network of collaborators and supporting volunteers, which enable the effective outcomes of the collaboration and bind it together.

Main Content

Slides for this talk are available in PDF and PowerPoint (Mac) formats.


A substantial portion of this talk covers information that is documented in the About link in the top menu of the http://jacow.org/ website and wiki.