JACoW.org Update

Contact: Charlie Horak, (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

This talk will focus on the "for Organizers" section, which contains most of the documentation team members use.

  • Current site
  • Planned improvements
  • Use of the wiki for "everything," including presentations
  • Web working group

Current Site

Thirty-second history

  • Primary goal was basic SPMS documentation
    • Huge data dump ranging from SPMS to logistics and conference roles
  • Information gathered from multiple sources:
    • Original JACoW website
    • Other websites
    • Documents and team meeting notes
    • Personal experience
  • Site went live April 2013 with most of current information

What We Have Now

  • Huge amount of documentation that is challenging and time consuming to organize and maintain
  • SPMS documentation intertwined with broader information on proceedings production, etc., with limited explanation of how one function or activity fits in the whole process
  • Insufficient cross-referencing
  • Redundant and/or conflicting information

Plan Forward

  • Break content into more "main" sections that are more narrowly focused:
    • "SPMS Manual" that focuses just on SPMS functionality
    • Chronological proceedings production section, similar to current organization but with a more comprehensive approach
    • Individual tracks based on roles/jobs (e.g., conference editor, poster police, presentation manager)
    • SPMS role in the scientific program
    • ?...s

Cool Plan. But Who Makes it Happen?

The JACoW family!

--under the dubious direction of the content manager

Enter the Web Working Group

Tuesday, 15:00, board room

  • Brainstorm
  • Work out plan details
  • Recruit, help (golden opportunities!)
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Working in the Wiki

  • Easy to use, but do start with the Getting started page if new to wikis
  • Documentation is the priority, not slick presentations (sorry)
  • Use the slideshow feature for presentations as much as possible
  • If you must have a separate presentation, please add it to your presentation page that is linked to from the agenda--including presentations for this meeting.

What does good documentation look like?