Conference start date

When What How Who/Role Comments
Sep 24, 2016C-12 to 24 - Submit request to use SPMS with the JACoW Central Repository
Mar 25, 2016C-18 to 24 - Select composition of OC/SPC
Jan 24, 2016C-20 - Hold first SPC/OC meetings
Feb 24, 2016C-19 - Send invitations to join SAB via SPMS? email?
Apr 24, 2016C-17 - Invite SAB to submit proposals for invited orals via SPMS
Jun 24, 2016C-15 - Send first conference announcement to industry via SPMS? email?
Jul 25, 2016C-14 - Decide on main and subclassifications and any needed SPMS customization via SPMS SPC
Sep 24, 2016C-12 - Approve proposals for invited orals OC
- Send invitations invited speakers via SPMS? email?
Nov 23, 2016C-10 - Publish conference website, ideally with complete scientific programme Designated by LOC?
- Mail posters/postcards via SPMS
Dec 24, 2016C-9 - Announce conference and call for papers via SPMS Is this the general announcement?
- Send second conference announcement to industry with complete information about exhibition registration package via SPMS
Mar 25, 2017C-6 - Deadline for nominations for accelerator prizes When is the deadline set?
Apr 09, 2017C-5.5 - Send second conference announcement w/reminder of abstract submission deadline
Apr 24, 2017C-5 - Deadline for abstract submission When is the deadline set?
- Deadline for "cheap" booth registration and payment When is the deadline set?
May 10, 2017C-4.5 - Set up server for paper upload IT staff
May 25, 2017C-4 - Invite proceedings office staff (editors, paper reception, poster session managers, etc.)
- Select contributed orals, reclassify if necessary, select chairs via SPMS at SPC meeting SPC
- Invite speakers w/contributed orals via SPMS
- Accept/reject nominations for contributed orals ions encourage registration via SPMS who is doing this? Suggests that is someone/group other than authors
Jun 24, 2017C-3 - Set up a pc with all software required for editors, and clone to several pcs Still the process? Should it be this detailed here?
Jul 09, 2017C-2.5 - Send authors reminder of registration deadline via SPMS
Jul 25, 2017C-2 - Deadline for "cheap" delegate registration When is the deadline set?
- Set up server for paper upload, test, and enable Or use established server (e.g., PSI) and test?
- Number posters to work with conference space and assign program codes via SPMS
- Notify authors of program codes for papers via SPMS
- Publish guidelines for submission of papers conference website with appropriate links to JACoW.org
- Enable paper submission via SPMS
- Clone software setup to computers for proceedings office
Aug 09, 2017C-1.5 - Prepare printed programme booklet if desired
Aug 24, 2017C-1 - Send programme to printer
Sep 19, 2017C-5 days - Deadline for paper submission When is the deadline set?
Sep 20, 2017C-4 days - Begin paper processing at venue
Sep 24, 2017C or C+7 days - Publish "prepress" proceedings
Oct 01, 2017C+7 days - Set one week grace period for late paper submission and resubmissions Up to conference/editor
Oct 15, 2017C+3 weeks - Publish proceedings on JACoW