JACoW Conference Tasks Timeline


Conference start date

When What Who SPMS Location
May 23, 2017C-20 to 24 - Submit request to use SPMS with the JACoW Central Repository Send the required agreement email as show on the web page. Each conference chair must request permission to use the JACoW tools of the JACoW chair and/or coordinator, who will ask the relevant regional support center to set up the instance. This request calls for the all important respect of the integrity of the data in SPMS concerning the profiles and affiliations, and the respect of JACoW's privacy policy in order not to inundate profile/account owners with unsolicited e-mails.
- Set up initial parameters Some of this will be prefilled for you by the Regional Support Centre, but you should verify it. Your conference logo needs to be sent to your instance administrator to be placed on the server. This logo appears in all the web pages' upper right hand corner and will link to your conference website (set within the parameters). Overall Database Administration | System Parameters
- Import classifications from another or previous conference This step is not obligatory, but it is very useful to be able to import data from a previous event to avoid duplication of effort. Scientific Program Administration | Classifications | Import Classifications
Jul 23, 2017C-18 to 24 - Composition of OC/SPC/LOC decided and entered in SPMS with privileges and roles [[JTM2016.ProposingInvitedOrals|Invite SAB to submit proposals for invited orals]]
May 23, 2017C-20 - First SPC/OC meetings
Jun 23, 2017C-19 - Send invitations to join SAB
Aug 22, 2017C-17 - Invite SAB to submit proposals for invited orals
Oct 22, 2017C-15 - Send first conference announcement to industry
Nov 22, 2017C-14 Decide on main and subclassifications and any needed SPMS customization
Jan 22, 2018C-12 - Approve proposals for invited orals
- Send invitations invited speakers
Mar 23, 2018C-10 - Publish conference website, ideally with complete scientific programme
- Mail posters/postcards
Apr 23, 2018C-9 - Announce conference and call for papers
- Send second conference announcement to industry with complete information about exhibition registration package
Jul 23, 2018C-6 - Deadline for nominations for accelerator prizes
Aug 07, 2018C-5.5 - Send second conference announcement w/reminder of abstract submission deadline
Aug 22, 2018C-5 - Deadline for abstract submission
- Deadline for "cheap" booth registration and payment
Sep 07, 2018C-4.5 - Set up server for paper upload
Sep 22, 2018C-4 - Invite proceedings office staff (editors, paper reception, poster session managers, etc.)
Select contributed orals, reclassify if necessary, select chairs
- Invite speakers w/contributed orals
Accept/reject nominations for contributed orals
Oct 22, 2018C-3 - Set up a pc with all software required for editors, and clone to several PCs
Nov 06, 2018C-2.5 - Send authors reminder of registration deadline
Nov 22, 2018C-2 - Deadline for "cheap" delegate registration
- Set up server for paper upload, test, and enable
- Number posters to work with conference space and assign program codes
- Notify authors of program codes for papers
- Publish guidelines for submission of papers
- Enable paper submission
- Clone software setup to computers for proceedings office
Dec 07, 2018C-1.5 - Prepare printed programme booklet if desired
Dec 22, 2018C-1 - Send programme to printer
Jan 17, 2019C-5 days - Deadline for paper submission
Jan 18, 2019C-4 days - Begin paper processing at venue
Jan 22, 2019C or C+7 days - Publish "prepress" proceedings
Jan 29, 2019C+7 days - Set one week grace period for late paper submission and resubmissions
Feb 12, 2019C+3 weeks - Publish proceedings on JACoW