JACoW Page Template (Page title should be a level 1 heading and be as short as possible.)

Contact: Your name linked to your email (Your affiliation)

Include a brief introduction (200 words maximum) to the topic and/or a summary of what the page covers.

Main Content of Your Page (This is an example of a level 2 heading.)

  • Divide the main content into sections (and subsections if needed) with predefined headings and include lists, tables, graphics, etc., to make the page visually appealing and easy to follow. Screenshots are a great way to help illustrate your text.
  • Include links to related information as much as possible.

Content, Formatting, and Language (This is an example of a level 3 heading.)

  1. The priority is to provide complete, helpful information that is easy to find and understand.
  2. Keeping item 1 in mind, consistent formatting makes it easier for people to find specific information and focus on it because the eye quickly adapts to a consistent page layout.


Include any links to related information that team members may find useful, for example, tutorials, presentations, and software sites.

  • Ref 1
  • Ref 2
  • Ref 3...