Naming Pages

It's important to choose the right page name from the start so that it has a logical place in the wiki structure. If you do make a mistake, you'll need to delete it and start over. Before creating and naming new pages, please review the following documentation on Creating new pages.

Three important things to keep in mind when naming pages:

  1. Page names are case sensitive.
  2. Page names should be continuous lower- or uppercase letters only, no spaces or special characters.
  3. Page names should be descriptive but as short as reasonably possible.

Understanding how groups of pages function within the wiki will help make it easier to understand the structure of page names. There are five top-level groups at

  1. Main: includes the home, proceedings, and contacts pages.
  2. Authors: includes pages under "Authors".
  3. Editors: includes pages under "Organizers/Editors".
  4. Team: includes pages under "JACoW Team".
  5. About: includes pages under "About".

Every group has a different left menu. Some of the top-level groups have subgroups, which in turn have their own left menus.

How Page Names Are Structured

Page names are composed of three different parts: (1) domain, (2) script identifier, and (3) two-part page name.

For example, have a look at the URL for this page:
    This is the domain.
  2. index.php
    This identifies the main PmWiki script that handles the wiki content.
  3. NewWeb.NamingPages
    This is the two-part page name.
    1. NewWeb is the group.
    2. NamingPages is the individual page within the NewWeb group.