The Cat Scan Editor searches your document looking for the JACoW required format for figures and their in test references.

Note: All figure images/diagrams etc. must be place in the document as Inline with Text.

DO NOT float images in your document, these documents are incredibly unstable and likely to result in a Red Dot.


Figure Caption

Figure captions must begin with "Figure N: Then cation detail", if the caption is only 1 line then it must be centered aligned, if 2 or more then if must be justified aligned.
Figure captions text must not be in bold text.
All figure captions finish with a period ".".
Figure captions unlike the normal JACoW Body Text are not to be indented to the column, and authors should check that both the figure and the caption do not have an indent, this can be hard to spot if aligned center.

Figure Reference

When referring to a figure which must be done for all figures you must use "Fig. N" to specify the figure. An exception is made when at the start of a sentence where "Figure N shows...." is used.
"Fig. N" is not to be in bold.

Example Figure

Figure 1: This is the JACoW Cat Scan Editor tool logo.

Trouble Shooting

  • Cat Scan Editor can't find my figure captions.
    • You may not of used "Figure N:" to start your figure caption.
    • You may have placed both the figure and the caption inside a text box and the Cat Scan Editor cannot examine. In Word you can Right click on the figure/image/chart and select "Insert Caption", this will create a caption that want move separately to the figure/image/chart.
  • Cat Scan Editor can't find my figure references.
    • You may not of use the format "Fig. N", noting that some authors forget to place a single space between the period "." and the number "N".
    • You may not of used "Figure N" at the start of a sentence.
    • Some automatic numbering tools appear to place fields which can't be read as normal text.
    • You may have specified a range "Fig. 1 to 4", "Fig. 1,3", etc. Not all ranges are recognized