The Cat Scan Editor attempts best effort to identify the Paragraphs in your document. The Paragraphs are checked if they conform against the “JACoW_Body Text Indent” Style.

TypeDetailsAlignmentFont SizeFont StyleCaseSpace BeforeSpace AfterIndent
Paragraph“JACoW_Body Text Indent” Style, or equivalent styleJustified10 ptNANA0 pt0 pt0.33 cm or 9.35 pt

Cat Scan Failed Paragraph/s

It is likely that you have used an old JACoW style or one which does not match the style requirements. Set the paragraph to the “JACoW_Body Text Indent” Style.

Viewing & Applying Your Document Styles

To see and use the Styles in your document go to the Home tab, and look within the Styles section of the ribbon. Alternatively you can open the Styles Window by the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S.

Styles Window to view and select styles in your document.

To Apply a Style, select the section of content that you wish to apply the style to, and the Click on the style in the Style Window or Style section of the Home tab ribbon.