The Cat Scan Editor filters through the document to attempts to identify each of the references used by the author, and cross check with the reference list at the end of the document. References are checked to ensure they appear in the correct sequence 1,2,3,4,5, ..., n, in both the document content, and in the reference list. Furthermore references are checked for missing numbers in the sequence, and any duplication.

Formatting of the reference list is also examined by the Cat Scan Editor to ensure that the correct style is applied to the reference, which can be either "JACoW_References when ≤ 9", “JACoW_Reference #1-9 when >= 10 Refs”, and “JACoW_Reference #10 onwards”. It is important that the correct style is used based on the number of references to ensure all the labels, and reference text are indent aligned correctly. Authors must avoid manually indenting with spaces as opposed to the indent and tab features in word. Additionally authors must not place a space between the closing "]" of the reference number label and the beginning of the text of the reference, this must be a tab to allow the tab indent settings to align correctly.

TypeDetailsAlignmentFont SizeFont StyleCaseSpace BeforeSpace AfterIndent
Reference"JACoW_References when ≤ 9” Style, or equivalent styleJustified9 ptNANA0 pt3 ptHanging: 0 First Line: -14.75pt or 0.52 cm
Reference“JACoW_Reference #1-9 when >= 10 Refs” Style, or equivalent styleJustified9 ptNANA0 pt3 ptHanging: 0.16cm First Line: -14.75pt or 0.52cm
Reference“JACoW_Reference #10 onwards” Style, or equivalent styleJustified9 ptNANA0 pt3 ptHanging: 0 First Line: 0.68cm

Authors are strongly recommended to used the JACoW Reference Search and Generator Tool which is currently located at, this will generate preformed references that can be copy and pasted into your document and comprises of a complete database of all JACoW proceedings published, and current prescribed SPMS instances for unpublished conferences.

Cat Scan Failed Reference/s

Cat Scan will firstly fail reference that it can't find the in document content citation or reference. This can be because you have not place a space between the previous character and the start of the square bracket. For Example: "as demonstrated previously[2]", this should be "as demonstrated previously [2]".

Authors should also avoid concatenation of references in individual brackets. For Example: "[1][3][7]", should be "[1,3,7]". Furthermore the tool will accept a range such as [2-6].

References that are out of sequence must be reordered to increment in the order they are first sited in the text, the corresponding reference list must also be in the order the references are first cited in the document.

All reference lists must be formatted the the correct style as indicated above, to do this you can highlight the references, and apply the correct JACoW style to them.

If you are missing the JACoW Styles start with the current JACoW template, or see JACoW Styles page for further help.

Cat Scan Cannot Find Any of My References

Some authors have been found to us the Numbering list feature in Word. This is incorrect, you must use the the JACoW Supplied formatting and explicitly type all the values. Many errors have been generated in documents when authors happen to delete an unused reference and don't account for the auto re-numbering.

Indent ->|[n] Tab->|Reference...
Apply either "JACoW_References when ≤ 9", “JACoW_Reference #1-9 when >= 10 Refs”, and “JACoW_Reference #10 onwards” style.

Complete JACoW References can be found, then copy paste into your document from

Viewing & Applying Your Document Styles

To see and use the Styles in your document go to the Home tab, and look within the Styles section of the ribbon. Alternatively you can open the Styles Window by the keyboard shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Shift + S.

Styles Window to view and select styles in your document.

To Apply a Style, select the section of content that you wish to apply the style to, and the Click on the style in the Style Window or Style section of the Home tab ribbon.