Wild Card Search

Within the fields user can use the percent % charter to act as a wildcard character within your searches.

Note that if you use this to search in the Reference Search search screen the sequence of the know values must be in the correct order. If writing the family name of authors they must be broken up in the same order they appear in the text of the reference.

For Example

Search for a paper by Nikolai Lobanov on Tandem Accelerator Stabilization within References

If you are to use the search term Lobanov you will receive 24 results that contain the that term.
If you replace the search term with Lobanov%tandem you will identify the reference featuring Nikolai Lobanov work on Tandem Accelerator Stabilization.
N. R. Lobanov, M. C. Blacksell, P. Linardakis, and D. Tsifakis, “Terminal Voltage Stabilization of Pelletron Tandem Accelerator”, in Proc. 12th Int. Conf. on Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology (HIAT'12), Chicago, IL, USA, Jun. 2012, paper TUB03, pp. 124-128.