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What are Conference Management Systems & SPMS?

Contact: Todd Satogata (Jefferson Lab)

Once an army of diligent, exact staff engaged on missions to organize large meeting of professionals: to attract and accommodate them so they could discuss and publish their works throughout the scientific community. Now your diligent army has shrunk to a near-solo mission. Fortunately Conference Management Systems (CMS) help you stand a chance of retaining your sanity. This talk introduces the JACoW-developed Scientific Program Management System (SPMS), and discusses the efficiencies that can be obtained by running your conference via this system.

Conference Management Systems

  • Scientific program is the raison d'etre of every scientific meeting
    • Includes all schedule organization: tracks/sessions
    • Includes all content organization: classifications, synoptic tables
    • Includes all submitted works: abstracts, talks, posters, papers
  • Staying focused on this priority helps make the daunting task accessible

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...
  • A conference management system helps break down the elephant into bites
  • This wheel has been reinvented many times:
  • JACoW was ahead of its time
    • Wanted a customizable CMS that addressed needs of accelerator conferences
    • Nothing existed at that time that fit the bill
    • We had the community resources and interest to support a new effort
    • So our own wheel was born: SPMS


  • SPMS is menu-driven: each is connected beneath to Oracle sql routines

SPMS to Authors: Elephant Smell

  • Manage abstract and submissions to conference
  • See log of all processing activity
  • Provide context for communications with conference organizer

SPMS Privileges: Elephant Bites

  • Different conference roles use SPMS in different ways.
  • At login, SPMS asks for your privilege/role
    • This helps SPMS guide your workflow to make your life easier

Conference Administrator

  • The "super-user" of SPMS
  • Usually only used by the Scientific Secretariat and SPMS administrator
  • Has access to all menu items in SPMS
  • Documentation is available on jacow.org organized by web interface

Editor Menu

  • One of the core functions of JACoW in SPMS
  • Guides productive, rapid workflow for paper processing
    • And, separately, QA of other editors' work, transparency processing, ...

Processing Statistics

Editor Statistics


  • This Team Meeting: Using SPMS to Perform Key Tasks Part 1 and Part 2