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The Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW) is an international collaboration that publishes the proceedings of accelerator conferences held around the world. All conferences agree to the policies and requirements for publication. Originally created for the publication of the proceedings of the Asian, European, and North American particle accelerator conferences (which in 2010 became the International Particle Accelerator Conference series, or IPAC), today the site hosts the proceedings of the following JACoW collaboration conferences:


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JACoW News

2014 Apr 15
Published CYCLOTRONS'78, proceedings

2014 Mar 11
Published ECRIS'12, ICALEPCS'13 (150th) proceedings

2014 Feb 18
Published IBIC'13, proceedings

2013 Dec 19
Published NA-PAC'13, proceedings

2013 Nov 27
Published FEL'13, COOL'13, ERL'13 proceedings

2013 Nov 20
Published CYCLOTRONS'81, CYCLOTRONS'98 proceedings

2013 Oct 15
Published CYCLOTRONS'92 proceedings

Upcoming Conferences

Dresden, Germany, 16-20 Jun, 2014

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 24-28 Aug, 2014

Basel, Switzerland, 25-29 Aug, 2014

Geneva, Switzerland, 1-5 Sep, 2014

Monterey, California, USA, 14-18 Sep, 2014

East Lansing, MI, USA, 10-14 Oct, 2014

Karlsruhe, Germany, 13-17 Oct, 2014