JACoW Conference Organizers and Editors

JACoW team members fill a variety of roles with different responsibilities, all of which contribute to the JACoW website, the JACoW collaboration, and ultimately to the sharing of research and development in the accelerator community. This section contains information to help conference editors, organizers, and IT staff successfully meet those responsibilities.

Updates for 2017

  • Hosting a JACoW Conference: New section that ranges from how JACoW functions to detailed scaling information for smaller conferences. See links at left. This is essential reading for JACoW newcomers.
  • Information that was in the Tools section in the top menu is now incorporated into the organizers/editors section.
  • All IT-related information--software, hardware, scripts, setup, etc.--is accessible at All Things IT.
  • All SPMS-related information has been gathered into an "SPMS Manual", which contains everything from requesting permission to use SPMS to installation, parameter setup, and instructions for each module.
  • Additional submenus have been added to make information easier to find and to reduce the length of the menus.

If you can't find what you're looking for or have suggestions, please contact Charlie Horak , web content manager. If you have questions/comments on a specific page or topic, email the contact listed for that page.