Combining Main and Sub-classifications

Contact: Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz

Setting Up Classifications
Main Classifications

Main and sub-classifications are combined, or associated, to achieve a fine tuning for the grouping of posters within the poster sessions. Go to:

Scientific Program Administration / Classifications / Combine Main and Sub-Classifications

The main plus sub-classifications are combined by entering a main classification in the top scroll- down list of main classifications, with a sub-classification in the list below of sub-classifications.

Once all of the combinations have been achieved, it is necessary to assign each main plus sub-classification to a poster session. The poster sessions should previously have been created via the screen

Scientific Program Administration / Sessions

SPMS can automatically assign sequence numbers to posters scheduled within the poster sessions. For more about building sessions and programme codes, see

Scientific Program Administration / Building Program Codes and Creating Sessions.

Note that if all posters are accommodated in one room, then it is sufficient to create one poster session, for example

MOP (Monday, Poster)

since all posters will be accommodated in the same room. However, if posters have to be spread over several rooms, it is necessary, either

  • to assign each main plus sub-classification to one room, or
  • to create several poster sessions, for example

MOPH (Monday, Poster, Hall H) MOPR (Monday, Poster, Hall R)

For each main plus sub-classification, it will then be necessary to enter both poster session codes (MOPH, and MOPR), for each main plus sub-classification.

Once combinations have been achieved, it is possible to schedule the posters into sessions (on a day, in a room), by clicking on the link on the right-hand side of the screen: New Session, where the administrator selects the poster session (a session scheduled on a date, time, etc.) from among those entered in the screen

Scientific Program Administration / Presentation Type (Sessions)