File Weights and Thresholds

Once authors have begun to upload their contributions to the proceedings, it is then possible for editors to begin the work of processing the contributions into a form suitable for final publication.

The first task is to configure the SPMS to assign different weightings according to the different types of file that have been uploaded. This is controlled via the screen

  • Editor/Proceedings Administration / Presentation File Combinations

In this example, PDF and PostScript (PDFS) files have been given the highest weighting (2), then source files (1). All other file types get the weight of (0). These weightings control which contributions will be to assigned to an editor. The weighting threshold is set at

  • Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / user / File Upload Threshold

Here, the "File Upload Threshold" should be set to a suitable value, initially 3. In this case, editors will be assigned a contribution for which a PDF or PostScript and a source file have been uploaded. When these have been exhausted, the threshold can be lowered to 2, at which point they will be assigned contributions for which there is a PDF or PostScript file but no source file. Setting it to 1 will give contributions containing only a source file.