Final Publication and Closeout

This section includes information on

  • generating the proceedings from SPMS and adding the final touches with scripts,
  • sending the proceedings for posting on JACoW, and
  • the required exporting of publication and central repository data.
Compiling the ProceedingsFinal Publication on JACoWData Exports
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"Wrapper" Scripts 

Final Publication on JACoW

File Transfer to CERN

Once the proceedings are complete, the conference editor-in-chief is responsible for getting the files to the JACoW Proceedings Webmaster, Ronny Billen . The recommended and most efficient method is with a zip file.

The JACoW proceedings webmaster will verify that the delivered proceedings meet the following criteria:

  • PDF files are readable and display quickly.
  • Content of each paper fits within 210 x 279 mm, making it printable on both A4 and US letter paper.
  • All required hidden fields are filled in: title, authors, subject, and keywords.
  • There are no hyperlinks to external websites.

If this quality assurance check is successful, the JACoW proceedings webmaster will then post the proceedings and ensure that the search capabilities are effective in due time.

The mirror site at KEK is then updated accordingly.

Post-Publication Changes to Proceedings

As a general rule, JACoW does not allow changes to proceedings once they have been published. There are a number of reasons for this but primarily it is to ensure the integrity of the JACoW proceedings website and to avoid unnecessary workload for the webmasters.

The whole proceedings production process has been built to ensure that high quality files are produced. Post publication changes generate more work for the editorial team and even changes to one paper may require regeneration of the whole set of html files and sometimes the PDF files as well (for example if the list of authors changes).

Editors for JACoW conferences do not modify the content of papers and although the files pass through a number of processes and the metadata is generated, the published paper has the same technical content as the original. Therefore the submission of papers to JACoW conferences is in many ways similar to the pre-electronic era in which camera-ready copy was submitted: once the proceedings had gone to press, no changes were possible.

In the most extreme cases like plagiarism, it may be necessary to make changes to a published set of proceedings. However, in general, editors should only consider making changes after publication when it is really necessary and they will also need the agreement of the JACoW webmaster. However, if there are major modifications with implications for page numbers, author lists etc., the agreement of the Board of Directors is required.