Paper Final QA

There are two QA functions in the SPMS:

  • Abstract QA: checking abstract titles and text upon abstract submission
  • Paper Final QA: a second check of papers which have been processed and whose status is "green dot", i.e., publishable.

To enable an editor to perform the Paper Final QA, the editor requires the privilege "Editor QA" to be enabled in the screen

  • Overall Database Administration / Privileges, Roles & Users / Authorize

At the top right of the screen, select the Functional Role "Editor/QA", then select "search for an account" and locate the account for the editor you wish to assign the Paper QA privilege. Once found, press the "Add User" button to add them to the list.

The Paper Final QA process is carried out via the screen

  • Editor/Proceedings Administration / Paper Final QA

The parameters at the screen

  • Overall Database Administration / System Parameters / SPMS Configuration / Allow editor to QA a paper they edited

define whether the editor who processed the paper and assigned a green dot can QA it. Usually this parameter is set to "No". In this case, editors involved in QA will not see the papers they themselves processed but rather only those processed by colleagues. It is generally felt that it is desirable for the QA to be carried out by a different editor to ensure a second, fresh look at the contribution.

The workflow for each editor is typically that they would pick up the paper copy of a green dotted paper from the pile, search for the paper in the SPMS under the pulldown list "Select a Paper to QA", and click on "Submit".

The next screen allows the editor to download the .pdf file processed, re-run the list of items to verify using JACoW guidelines.