How to solve 'Asian Line Spacing' problem.

The 'asian' version of Word has a special option 'Format -> Paragraph -> Snap to grid'. This option does not exist in the 'western' version. If 'Snap to grid' is checked, this results in large line spacing.

If you have access to a 'asian' Word version:

1. Uncheck the box 'Format -> Paragraph -> Snap to grid'.

If you only have access to a 'western' Word version:

1. Open the Word document

2. Alt + F11 to access the macro editor.

3. Ctrl + G to open the 'immediate command' window

4. Paste the following command into it:

ActiveDocument.Styles("Normal").ParagraphFormat.DisableLineHeightGrid = True

5. If this only solves a part of the document, you have to create a macro that runs the command on the whole document:

 Sub disableLineHeightGrid()
  Dim aSty As Style, aPara As Paragraph
  For Each aSty In ActiveDocument.Styles
    If aSty.Type = wdStyleTypeParagraph Then
      aSty.ParagraphFormat.DisableLineHeightGrid = True
    End If
  Next aSty
  For Each aPara In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
    aPara.Format.DisableLineHeightGrid = True
  Next aPara
 End Sub