Final Notes to Meeting Attendees, Voting, Collected on way to Coffee Break]] (10 mi

Contact: Ronny Billen (European Organization for Nuclear Research Beams Department (BE))

The elections for the two vacant Director positions on the JACoW Board of Directors took place on Tuesday 8 November 2016 at the JACoW Team Meeting. The newly elected Directors are:

  • David BUTTON, ANSTO, Australia
  • Volker SCHAA, GSI, Germany

Consequently, the new composition of the JACoW Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Chair: Ivan ANDRIAN, Elettra, Italy
  • Deputy Chair: Todd SATOGATA, Jefferson Lab, USA
  • Coordinator: Christine PETIT-JEAN-GENAZ, CERN, Switzerland
  • Director: David BUTTON, ANSTO, Australia
  • Director: Volker SCHAA, GSI, Germany

Wishing the JACoW Board of Directors all the best for a constructive and fruitful year. Ronny Billen 2016 Election Coordinator