Getting Access to a File Server and Managing Paper Submission

Contact: Jan Chrin (Paul Scherrer Institute) and Anthony Cuffe (Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory)

Networked file servers at the Paul Scherrer Institute and the Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory have been made available to the JACoW collaboration for the upload of contributions. The procedure for requesting an instance of the file server, together with the relevant SPMS parameters that need to be configured by the conferences administrator, are presented. The file upload procedure, as as viewed from the delegate's perspective, and which also features an auto-distill process, is demonstrated.


  • SPMS provides functionality for administering contributions to proceedings
  • Papers, talks, etc., however are NOT stored within the SPMS, even if their meta-data is. For this the conference needs a File Server!
  • A File Server is available at PSI (since 2012) and JLAB (since 2015) for use by JACoW Conferences
  • Access to the File Server is through a Web Server equipped with the required software for the download and upload scripts, and paper distilling process, to function!
  • The implementation of a file/web server particularly relieves small conferences with limited resources of a large overhead!

Requesting a File Server Instance

  • As a rule, conferences in Europe, Asia and Africa, use the PSI Server
  • while conferences in the Americas and Australia use the JLAB Server
  • Approx. 3 months before your conference (when you are thinking about your paper codes) is usually a good time to request your file server instant
  • Submit your request to either Jan Chrin (PSI) or Anthony Cuffe (JLAB) depending on your geographical location (Table 1)

Table 1: Conferences and File Servers for 2017

ConferenceMonthLocationFile ServerContact
FEL'17AugustSanta Fe, AZ,
IBIC'17AugustGrand Rapids, MI,

Setting the SPMS Parameters

  • Once a File Server instance has been setup for your conference, an email will be sent giving you the relevant parameter and values to set in your SPMS instance (Table 2)
  • File uploads can only take place once paper codes are assigned to contribution IDs
  • The Accepting File Upload flag must also be set in the SPMS under System Parameters, User

Table 2: SPMS System Parameters for the JACoW File Server

System Parameter ScopeFunctionExample
Web ConfigurationSecret pass-phrase for upload"U30alphanumericpassword4upload"
Web ConfigurationSecret pass-phrase for download"D30alphanumericpassword4downld"
Web Configurationurl of the file upload script<psi or jlab>/<conf>/JACoW.file_upload
Web Configurationurl of the file download script<psi or jlab>/<conf>/editor.zipdownload
UserProceedings TOC base url<psi or jlab>/<conf>/papers/

The Upload Experience

  • Authors are required to upload all files related to their manuscript, i.e., the source file, with all supporting figures, and a pdf
  • Talks should also be uploaded to the file server
  • Before authors are allowed to upload their source or pdf, they are formally requested to verify that the title, abstract and author list of the manuscript matches that appearing in the SPMS
  • That the author lists are the same is particularly important as the data in the SPMS is used for cross-indexing authors to papers in the online Proceedings
  • The verification process as seen by the author is shown in the following

Verification - 1

Verification - 2

Verification - 3

Verification - 4

Verification - 5

Verification - 6

Verification - 7


J. Chrin, The JACoW File Server at PSI