Getting an SPMS Instance & Conference Settings Explained

Contact: Juliana Pranke (European Spallation Source ERIC)

This page covers the process and requirements to request and access an SPMS instance, and explains what the conference settings are used for, as well as their configuration.

Getting an SPMS Instance

The timings for getting the SPMS instance depend on the scope of the conference or workshop. As an example, for HB2016 it was done 10 months before the conference, for IPAC'17 20 months prior.

The process itself is sufficiently explained in the section.

Follow this procedure, and make sure that the conditions (especially the data protection aspects) are kept throughout the conference cycle.

When the SPMS instance has been created, you’ll receive an e-mail with the URL for all users and the URL for the conference administrators. Keep this e-mail handy/bookmark the URL, you'll use it a lot.

Conference Settings (System Parameters) Explained

When you receive access to your SPMS instance, a multitude of properties are already set up and pre-populated, copying tried-and-tested settings of your particular conference series. Many of them can be adapted, some must be entered the Conference Administrator (see page on SPMS Privileges).

Initial Parameter Setup/Overall Database Administration

To modify the initial set-ups, you will have to go to Overall Database Administration / System Parameters.

Clicking on the System Parameters link will get you to here:

How to set the three most basic conference parameters (Conference, Email and Image URL, see tabs above) is explained under Initial Parameter Setup.

In general, you will want to:

  • Double check the pre-populated parameters to confirm they are correct.
  • Keep in mind that out of the data you have to enter, some you may not know until later in the planning process. Don't forget to update the parameters.
  • Provide the Regional Support Center Manager with the Conference Logo to replace the default JACOW logo in the Image URL settings.

Please click on links below to learn how to configure (if necessary) all of the menu tabs in the System Parameters.





Web Configuration

SPMS Configuration

Image URLs




Post Conference

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