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Processing Slides Tutorial WEZA20

Presented at JACoW 2016 Team Meeting, TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada, 9th November 2016

Contact: David Taylor Button (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) david.button@ansto.gov.au


This Tutorial will cover a worked example of converting a PowerPoint presentation into a PDF file for upload into SPMS with Videos, and Animated GIF converted into the compatible format.

The challenges in this tutorial are;

  1. Modifying Slides to remove items which overlap and not required.
  2. Converting the presentation into a PDF.
  3. Depending on how the PDF was generated, if the Acrobat Print method, all slides will have to be rotated.
  4. Extracting the Animated GIF, and Video files from the *.PPTX source file.
  5. Converting the Animated GIF into a AVI file, and then into a mp4, or m4v H.264 encoded.
  6. Converting the video of the Cat (Flo), and Dog (Daisy) into the correct format, but also may require rotation of the video depending on the transencoder used.
  7. Conversion of the Cloud Chamber Video to mp4, or m4v H.264 encoded.
  8. Insertion/Embedding of Videos into the PDF.
  9. Configuring the animations
  10. Checking all fonts and videos are embedded.
  11. **** Last Minute Challenge, the updated Example PowerPoint now has a complex animation, this can be captured with a screen video capturing tool such as CamStudio.

Tutorial Files:

Source Starting PowerPoint file: Example.pptx

Intermediate Stage files:

First direct conversion: First_PDF.pdf Note: That this PDF has had 1 movie inserted by the PDF converter but is not rotated to the correct orientation, the other Animated GIF and move of the Cloud Chamber are substituted with flat images.

The complete PDF will look like this: Complete.pdf


JACoW Team Meeting 2016 - Processing Transparencies & Embedding Animations