QA process for Abstracts

Contact: Juliana Pranke (European Spallation Source ERIC)

This pages refers to the process of conducting a Quality Assurance (QA) on submitted abstracts. Authors typically copy and paste, generating many errors in the text. The SPMS system has mark-up codes which can be used to render particular characters in abstract books etc.

Abstract QA

Abstract QA involves checking that each abstract submitted is correctly entered respecting formatting.

The job can be done any time, but probably the sooner the better. The person who is supposed to perform the QA needs the necessary privilege in SPMS.

The process is explained in detail here:

Verification of Main and Sub-Classification and Reclassifying Abstracts

Approximately 15-20% of abstracts are wrongly classified by submitting authors. After the initial abstract QA, normally performed by an editor or the Scientific Secretariat, the SPC is to check and if necessary correct the main and sub classification for each abstract.

The exact set-up and procedure is demonstrated here:

During the so called SPC/3 meeting, when the SPC decides which abstracts (posters) will become contributed orals, the following two procedures might come in handy:


Christine Petit-Jean-Genaz: