Scripts and How to Run them Produce Proceedings & Other Handy Reports

Contact: Volker RW Schaa (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH)

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Required Software

Perl for Windows:

The Perl install package Strawberry Perl is recommended.
It installs in a interactive way and adds its directory to the Windows path setting.

   64bit Perl - 83 MB

PDF utilities pdfinfo, pdftotext, pdffonts, . . .

The following PDF utilities are needed by some of the scripts: pdfinfo, pdftotext,
and pdffonts. These utilities are part of xpdf an open source viewer for PDF files
and can be downloaded from the xpdf site. The precompiled binaries can be doneloaded
using the following link.

Install the binaries where they could be found from a command prompt window (set path).

   PDF utilities    

wget for Windows:

A file transfer utility is needed to download the XML output from the SPMS database
in an encoding safe way to use the script »«, the generated download
command files (»pdfwget.bat«, »allwget.bat«, and others).

   64bit wget exe module

Install the binaries where they could be found from a command prompt window (set path).

TeX for Windows

The TeX distribution MiKTeX is recommended as it is the only distribution
which provides on-the-fly download and installation of missing packages.

TeX is needed for wrapping the papers and incorporate information in
the hidden fields of the PDFs, print-out of Author-Title-Check pages,
proceedings volumes, and other tasks.

   MiKTeX installer ~200 MB

MiKTeX should be configured to download missing packages automatically
on-the-fly without additional questioning.
MiKTeX Settings => General => Install... => Yes.

JPSP - JACoW Proceedings Script Package

Setup of a local site for the JACoW JPSP scripts: download the
package and unzip it in the wanted directory. It will create a
directory structure used by the scripts. The main directory is
named like the package (SCS2017-161104), rename it to
your conference name (i.e. IPAC2021).

   JPSP - JACoW Proceedings Script Package v25.8

Configuration File

The most important entity is the configuration file "conference.config".
It contains the description of all parameters needed for pre-conference,
conference, and post-conference usage.

version_config      = 2016-11-09
version_script_bt   = 24.0
# Conference Setup 
#   conference
#           _SPMS      		contains the SPMS base directory for the conference, i.e. https://<reginal-support-center-conference>/
#           _xmlfile   		contains only the 'filename' not the directory (like 'xml_directory')
#           _logo      		contains only the 'filename' not the directory (like 'img_directory') of the logo to be used on the banner page
#           _logo_size 		provides the 'width'x'height' of the logo as it should be displayed
#           _url       		URL where the conference proceedings will end up on the JACoW file server
#                        	(should be for JACoW<conference-name>/
#           _respm     		e-mail address of the responsible person for generating the web pages,
#                        	for the conference or the conference editor
#           _name      		name of the conference (<conference-name><year>)
#           _site      		contains City and Country of the conference venue
#           _title     		title of the conference (<title of conference>, i.e. 11th International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference)
#           _date      		<date of conference> i.e. "August 19-24, 2012"
#           _editor    		email of editorial board: "<last-name>, <first-name> (<affiliation>)[<id-origin:id>]", several editors are concatenated with ";"
#           _isbn      		JACoW ISBN of the conference (978-3-95450-xxx-y), please ask Volker RW Schaa if you are not sure, i.e. 978-3-95450-116-8
#           _pub_date  		year and month (numerical) of publication on JACoW, i.e. "2012-10"
#           _pub_by    		"JACoW" (fix entry for most conference)
#                        		JACoW/IEEE for NA-PAC and IPACs in North America
#                        		JACoW/EPS for IPACs in Europe
#           _pub_copyr 		"Copyright \copyright{} <current-year> CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors"
#	    _pre       		switch on/off Pre-Release (1=yes | 0=no)
#	    _pre_text  		"- Pre-Release Snapshot <date> <time>	"i.e. 07-Oct-2016 18:00
conference_SPMS      = https://<reginal-support-center-conference>/ # base URL of login into SPMS instance
conference_xmlfile   = spms.xml
# Conference parameters
conference_logo      = logo.png					    # logo used for the banner frame 
conference_logo_size = 500x125                                      # (pixel) real logo size can be scaled to this size
conference_url       =                  # where it will appear at JACoW (used for Inspire dataset)
conference_respm     =			    # ends up in the generated html pages
conference_name      = MEDSI2016
conference_site      = Barcelona, Spain
conference_pre       = 1                                            # this run is only a Pre-Release (1=yes | 0=no)
conference_pre_text  = - Pre-Release Snapshot 07-Oct-2016 18:00	    # string will be attached to "conference_site"
conference_title     = 9th Edition of the Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation Conference		# complete name including number
conference_date      = September 11–16, 2016			    # date of conference
conference_series    = Mechanical Engineering Design of Synchrotron Radiation Equipment and Instrumentation Conference							# series 
conference_number    = 9						# event in the series
conference_editor    = "Schaa, Volker RW (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany)[ORCID:0000-0003-1866-8570]"	# editorial board: <last-name>, <first-name> (<affiliation>)[<id-origin:id>]
conference_isbn      = 978-3-95450-188-5                            # ISBN number
conference_pub_date  = 2016-10                                      # final publication date on JACoW
conference_pub_by    = JACoW	
conference_pub_copyr = Copyright \copyright{} 2016 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors
# DOI related settings
#	DOI_prefix	test:		10.5072		<- everybody can use this
#			production:	10.18429
#       DOI_site	publication:<conference_name>/doi
#				=><conference_name>/doi
#DOI_prefix	     = 10.18429                 		    # JACoW's production domain
DOI_prefix	     = 10.5072                                      # test domain
DOI_useraccount      = --user CERN.JACOW  	                    # do not propagate
DOI_site	     =<conference-name>/doi/	    # site of DOI landing page
# other files
protocol_directory  = ./PROTOCOL/
debug_file          = protocol.txt
deb_calltree        = 1
# directories
#    atc_         	place for Author-Title-Check files
#    base_url     	base for reference links from docs, papers, pages [index.html]
#    content_     	this is where the time-schedule, dividing sheets, pictures, etc. are coming from
#    html_        	for all html-files [.html] (author, keyword, institute, session, ...)
#    audio_       	for audio recordings
#    slides_      	for all transparency files (<papercode>_talk.pdf)
#    img_         	for all images [.png, .jpg, .gif, ...]
#    paper_       	for all papers *with* embedded infos [.pdf]
#                          (keyword/author/..., conference tag, page numbers, etc.)  [.pdf]
#    raw_paper_   	for all papers *without* embedded infos [.pdf]
#                          (just the processed files from JACoW editors)
#    xml_         	for all xml related files
#    poster_      	for all poster files (<papercode>_poster.pdf)
#    export_      	for all files which have to do with citations or references to this article (<papercode>.bib/.ltx/.txt/.gis
#    doi_		for all additional files being required publishing DOIs
base_url            = ../index.htm
atc_directory       = ./ATC/
audio_directory     = ../audio/
content_directory   = ./contents/
html_directory      = ./html/
slides_directory    = ../talks/
img_directory       = ../im0ges/
paper_directory     = ./papers/
raw_paper_directory = ../papers-final/
xml_directory       = ./xml/
poster_directory    = ../posters/
export_directory    = ./export/
doi_directory       = ./doi/
# Security Pass Phrases (to be copied from SPMS)
PassPhraseDown      = <phass-phrase-down>
PassPhraseUp        = <phass-phrase-up>
PassPhraseExtract   = <phass-phrase-extract>
# paper_not_received_link = "0|1"
#   if "paper_not_received_link = 0" no TeX and PDF files will be generated
#   for missing papers, therefore no link in any of the lists (session, 
#   classification, author, and keyword) will be generated. In this case the 
#   entry in "paper_not_received_text" will not be used
# paper_not_received_text = "text"
# text to be put in papers when the final text has not been sent by the author
#   DIPAC2003 used "PAPER NOT YET RECEIVED" before finalizing
#              and "PAPER NOT RECEIVED" after submission stop
#	Pre-Release	use "Paper not yet received, processed, or QAed"
paper_not_received_text = CONTRIBUTION NOT RECEIVED
paper_not_received_link = 0
paper_ftn_switch          = 1     # footnotes will (not=0) be included
paper_agy_switch          = 1     # funding notes will (not=0) be included
proceedings_volume_switch = 1     # Proceedings volume will (not=0) be produced
context_switch            = 0     # (do not=0) generate a ConTeXt abstract booklet
abslatex_switch           = 1     # do (not=0) generate an E/PAC sytle abstract booklet
TeXhighlite               = blue  # color defined at date: blue/black
paper_strike_thru         = 1     # missing PDFs will (=1) not (=0) lead to strike-through paper-codes
citation_export           = 0     # export citations (format not finally decided yet)
# session related settings
session_skip               = "|SUSPSNE|" # this or these sessions should be skipped when generating the web pages; each session name is embedded 
#                                  #   in "|" characters, when defining several sessions it should be writen as "|SESS-A|SESS-B|COFFEE|LUNCH|"
# "P"aper numbers "P"er "L"ine (PPL) 
#     configurable number of paper codes listed for an author
PPL_ltx                   = 7     # number for LaTeX Author index in Proceedings (=3)  (Abstract booklet normally 6)
PPL_ctx                   = 3     # number for ConTeXt Author index in Abstract booklet
PPL_xtx                   = 3     # number for XeTeX Author index in Abstract booklet
# InDiCo specific settings
indico_cut_of_trailing_ho  = yes  # InDiCo session names contain trailing "-1" strings, these will be cut off
indico_uppercase_session   = yes  # InDiCo session names are often lowercase and this option makes it automatically UPPERCASE
indico_code_prefix         = XB-  # InDiCo papers and talks just consist of an unique ID, this string will be prefixed to all IDs
# abstract related settings
abstract_omission_text     = "no idea where the abstract went"       # standard text is "no abstract available"  
abstract_insert            = yes  # it's a semi-InDiCo specific switch because InDiCo's papers mostly do not have abstracts, 
#                                 # but 'old' reprocessed conferences don't either. ("yes" means get Abstract for paper <paper_code>.abs
#                                 # via or typed one)