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Summing up by Chair

Ivan Andrian (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.)

Highlights, lessons learned, plans for the future.

Pre-TM Highlights

From RSCM reports

  • Higher load than theoretically needed
  • SPMS operations frequently need intervention
    • Deployment
    • Synchronisation
    • Oracle Updates
  • When the conf is over, all links to the SPMS are to be removed (ACTION!)
  • SPMS Development slow - lower resources
  • ORCID/DOI - working on permalinks & references
  • Acrobat DC - updated documentation needed (ACTION NEEDED!)
  • Indico/SPMS
    • sub-working groups on features and tests
    • beta_01 will be used for next TM

JACoW Sustainability

  • Risks to JACoW were last analysed in 2010
  • Identify JACoW's aims and goals and evaluate the probability that they will not be achieved

Probability P

RiskAssigned for
1Unlikely, <10%
2Possible, <20% to 50%
3Likely, >60%
4Highly probable, >80%

Impact I

RiskAssigned for
1Negligible impact
2Moderate impact - delay on delivery
3Major impact on delivery of objective - delay and/or additional resource requirement
4Severe impact leading to partial delivery and/or additional resource requirement
5Catastrophic impact - failure to reach goal

The goals listed on the website are:

  • Publish high-quality sets of proceedings with access through the custom interface.
  • Provide long-term archival storage to ensure longevity and access to publication data.
  • Train and educate authors and editors.
  • Provide a repository of profiles.
  • Provide support for conference organisers.
  • Publish conference metadata for open archives.
  • Maintain a set of user profiles for accelerator conferences.


  • JACoW Chairs [Chr]
  • JACoW Coordinator [Crd]
  • JACoW Board of Directors [JBoD]
  • JACoW webmaster (proceedings at CERN) [WebP]
  • JACoW webmaster (info at Elettra) [WebI]
  • JACoW website content manager [WebC]
  • Repository manager [Rep]
  • SPMS regional support managers [RSM1,2,3]
  • SPMS developers [Dev1,2,3]
  • JPSP developer [JPS]
  • Editor/conference tools developer [CnfDev]

Activities and Functions

  • Provide and maintain the proceedings website.
  • Publish new proceedings as soon as possible.
  • Run the collaboration.
  • Report to Stakeholders.
  • Provide and maintain the author and team websites.
  • Provide and maintain the repository.
  • Provide and maintain the SPMS.
  • SPMS-InDiCo merger.
  • Provide and maintain JPSP.
  • Develop new tools for editors and authors.

Infrastructure and resources

  • CERN webserver [WebCERN], KEK mirror [WebKEK]
  • Search engine [SRCH]
  • Oracle at CERN, FNAL and KEK and support people [ORACERN, ORAFNAL, ORAKEK].
  • Chair, deputy, coordinator, repository manager etc. - time [Tim]
  • Team members time and travel [Tim-Trav].
  • Conference proceedings teams [Eds]

Risk Analysis (2010)

FunctionAssociated RolesResourcesProbabilityImpactRisk
JACoW (proc)WebPSRCH, Web*248
Add new procs.WebPEds, Web*4312
Run collaborationJBoDTim-Trav3412
JACoW (info)WebiWeb*122
SPMSRep, RSM*, Dev*ORA*224

Risk Analysis

FunctionAssociated RolesResourcesProbabilityImpactRisk
JACoW (proc)WebPSRCH, Web*155
Add new procs.WebPEds, Web*3412
Run collaborationJBoDTim-Trav248
JACoW (info)WebiWeb*144
SPMSRep, RSM*, Dev*ORA*339
Editor EducationCnfDevTim-Trav236
Personnel to Educate Ed.CnfDevTim-Trav248
Author EducationCnfDevEds, Tim326
SPMS-InDiCo MergeDev, Rep, JPSTim313


  • ☼► publication of new proceedings: high
    • More and more interest in our proceedings, so this is getting hot
    Also, to correctly finish a set of proceedings is not so easy
  • ▲ JPSP-related
    • one man show up to now, no longterm succession
  • ▲ SPMS-related
    • one man show up to now, no longterm succession
    • RSC sysadmin and support load is high
  • ▼ running the collaboration still high
    • BoD structure helps
    • base of collaboration, high impact
  • ∆ JACoW Experts availability
    • the value is in our people, if we cannot meet and educate this is getting tough

First impressions of this TM

  • New structure paid off
  • Very fruitful
  • Working groups sessions: Welcome!
  • Thanks to everybody for the contributions!

Next Team Meeting

According to:

  REGIONS=(Americas Asia/Pacific Europe)
  for ( ( YEAR=2007 ; YEAR <=2020 ; YEAR++ ) )
     echo $YEAR ${REGIONS[$( (YEAR-2007) )%3]}

	2007 Americas
	2008 Asia/Pacific
	2009 Europe
	2010 Americas
	2011 Asia/Pacific
	2012 Europe
	2013 Americas
	2014 Asia/Pacific
	2015 Europe
	2016 Americas
	2017 Asia/Pacific
	2018 Europe
	2019 Americas
	2020 Asia/Pacific

Two (informal) bids so far:

  1. IHEP: Beijing, China
  2. POSTECH: Korea - Pohang? Seoul? -TBD

Formal bids to come in by... January?

Decision by the TM early coming year.